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Blinking lights meant my printer needed help from an Epson service technician, my owner’s manual said.  Internet to the rescue yet again!  You really can find anything on the internet.  Reading through forums, these blinking lights are often blinking lights of death which means more trash in the landfill since it’s often cheaper to buy a new printer than to service the printer.  Ha.  Which is what I did – I bought a new printer, so now I have two.  But that was before I had time to take apart my printer.

Now I have time to service my printer myself.  I was able to reset my Epson C80, and voila!  She’s a-reborn a-yet again!  However, these blinking lights indicated that the sponges that held wasted ink from printhead cleanings (she’s an inkjet, she is) were full.  Who knew there were sponges in my printer???  Who knew they were holding many milliliters of ink???  I didn’t!  Now I do!  You’re supposed to replace them, or rather, an Epson service technician is supposed to replace them, when these lights start blinking, but one forum post said some people just wash them out.  Which is what I did below.  Quite a dirty job.  The sponges are drying as I am typing this post…  So, we’ll see if this works after I put this thing back together…





Dirty, dirty birdy!!!

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