IRS Imposter


Okay, so I’ve received a bunch of email scams over the years, so I don’t know why this one has me particularly annoyed.  This was sent to my spam address, but it wasn’t filtered as spam by Yahoo.  I’ve marked some points of interest here…  Click image to enlarge.

–  Ostensibly from  Prima facie, from the purported name and email address the email looks like it might be legit.  (Well, the fact that an email address is the name might be a red flag.)

–  The web address.  Again, prima facie, legit.  Hey, look, https and not only http!  (The “s” is for “secure.”)  But, beware!  It’s a trick!  When I hovered over the link – which is my habit before actually clicking links – the web address indicated by the last blue arrow pops up!  I would NOT go to this web address!!!  This is NOT the same address that is indicated in the email.  Very sneaky HTML coding going on there…  I’m sure there are nefarious, maleficent intentions underlying that!!!

–  Their red “note”?  Neither sentence is grammatically correct!  Not that I use correct grammar all of the time, nor do I expect others to.  But…  The second sentence bothers me much more than the first — the grammar (on ohhhh so many levels), but especially the threatening nature!

–  So… then when I looked at the full header of the email (by default turned off), I saw that the email was somehow routed through a medical device company in England whose website I won’t list here.  I’m not sure what that exactly means, but it basically means that the sender is not who it says it is.  Well, that’s very obvious from the rest of the email!

So…  Beware…

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