¿Quieres Ketchup Para Las Papas?

Uh…  Do I look hispanic to you?  I was really amused.  More surprised than anything else.  I wasn’t expecting that!  I think the woman at the McDonald’s drive-through window was a little embarrassed.  I don’t think she really thought I was hispanic.  I think she was probably just off in La-la-land – one of my favorite places!

But if you don’t know, ¡me ecantan las papas fritas de McDonald!  An unhealthy love for more than one reason!  Yes, I have to admit that I’m lovin’ it! even though I hate that slogan and prefer their old catch phrase, “We love to see you smile.”

I’m glad I took Spanish.  I unfortunately don’t know it as well as I should, but knowing a little is better than not knowing it at all.  It has come in handy countless times.  A couple of times people have come up to me asking me for directions in Spanish.  “¿Hablas español?  ¿Dónde está…?” a lady stopped to ask me on a busy sidewalk.  I’m not sure why she singled me out as someone who might know Spanish!  That still amuses me, too – as does the time a Venezuelan waiter in a Venezuelan restaurant asked me whether I was Venezuelan after I had just ordered from the menu!

But knowing a Latin-based language like Spanish has helped in other random ways.  Every time I needed to aspirate a liquid in the laboratory, I had to recall my Spanish vocabulary…  “Aspirate… Now does that mean to blow out or suck up???  Aspiradora…  A vacuum cleaner…  Ah, yes, suck up!”

Then one time my classmate and I were trying to decipher a set of Italian maps…  E???  O???  What does that mean?  How do all of these maps connect?  Ah, yes!  Este and oeste!  The Italian must be similar to the Spanish words!

Yes, it’s useful knowing more than one language.

But…  Ay…  I’ve found it increasingly annoying that some product labels are in two or three different languages with no hierarchy to the languages; the other languages are in the same font size as the English text!  And so, I’m spending extra time hunting, scanning, hunting for the English text!  What IS this product???

Then, this past Easter I absent-mindedly went to the HEB.  I walked up to the entrance, and the automatic door didn’t open!  Looking for a sign to confirm, and not seeing one, “Is it closed?” I asked another disappointed shopper.  “Yes, there’s a sign over there, but there isn’t one in English!”  Ah yes, HEB was closed for Pascua…  For Easter.  Duh, Jane!  You should have known that, especially since you just came from church!


P.S.  I just went to the kitchen…  I shouldn’t have left those last few fries on the counter…  Ants!  Sadness!  I love cold french fries almost as much as hot, toasty, crunchy fries!

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