FLDS Culture Shock

Texas tries to ease polygamist kids’ culture shock – CNN.com

These poor kids…  What they must be going through…

Notable quotes from this CNN article:

  • Children raised on the FLDS compound wear pioneer-style dress and keep their hair pinned up in braids, reflecting their standards of modesty. For the same reason, they have little knowledge of pop culture. They pray twice a day. They tend vegetable gardens and raise dairy cows, and eat fresh food. And they are exceedingly polite, always saying “please” and “thank you.”In contrast, many other children in foster care have a certain worldly swagger, and are there because they have used drugs or committed other crimes.
  • In addition, CPS has sent instructions to the foster homes to feed the youngsters fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, rice and other foods that may have been grown on the 1,700-acre ranch.”They don’t eat a lot of processed food and we’re not going to encourage that,” Pulliam said, but noted that if the children want to eat processed or junk food, no one is going to stop them.
  • The children have been educated in a schoolhouse on the compound using a home-school curriculum and may be ahead of public-school students their ages, lawyers said.

In a way, the “throwback” characteristics of this “cult” show the sad state of today’s society…  It’s sad when self-righteous, entitled rudeness, processed foods, and underperforming schools are cultural norms.

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