Printable Paper

Brilliant.  I’ve often said to myself, “One of these days, I’m going to make a graph paper or music paper [treble clef staff or guitar tab] template to print on regular white copy paper.”

It’s ridiculous what they charge for pads of these “specialty papers” in the stores. 

But…  I never got around to doing that.  And yay!  Somebody else has done it!  It doesn’t look like they have guitar tab templates, though, but that’s easy enough to make…  They don’t seem to have logarithmic graph paper either…  Or graph paper based on polar and not just cartesian coordinates!  I came across this graph paper the other day throwing out old high school calculus notes…

Not that I need log paper or graph paper designed expressly for plotting polar coordinates…  But it seems to be a bit of an oversight not to include this among their “hundreds of papers”!

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