Austin Hailstorm Aftermath

It has hailed 3 or 4 times in the past month here! Crazy!

Last night’s freak hailstorm was the worst (so far???). I saw golf ball-sized hail outside my door right before the power went out. There were reports of hail even as big as softballs. Just think, F=ma! Force equals mass times the acceleration of gravity! Large chunks of ice falling from the sky! Plus 60-70 mph winds!  That’s a lot of force hitting cars and homes! Falling trees did even more damage!

Each time it hails, I worry about my car, my baby. Thankfully, I’m not nearly as attached to my Corolla as I used to be, so those dents in my car were not that worrisome. Wow! I have mellowed over the years!

The aftermath includes shattered house and car windows, damaged roofs, downed trees, and dented cars all across the city.


My car is the silver Toyota with the spoiler on the right! 6 feet separate my car and this massive live oak. Other vehicles throughout Austin were not so lucky.

These branches blocked the entired street and blocked my car in!

My car is the third car from the left.

Lightning damage? This is the tree that blocked my car in.

A carpet of GREEN leaves on the ground! Scenes like this reminded me of the aftermath of Rita in the Houston area a few years ago.

It took 10-15 minutes of maneuvering, but I moved my car over several spaces, not knowing when the City of Austin would come to clear the debris and not wanting to be next to whatever equipment they were going to use to hall away the live oaks. They’ve been at this for four or five hours now…


Neighboring complex being boarded up.

Neighboring home saved by the powerlines that are supporting this tree felled at its base.  Looks dangerous though…

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  1. We got hit hard in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I think we have had about 5 of these storms this season? Seeing hail in Austin / Georgetown is a little strange but thankful there was no tornado activity to go with it all.

  2. I’m in Austin too, and hail is not an unusual occurrence here. It was the crazy winds that did most of the damage this time, I thought. Downtown got hit hard, too.

  3. hey – you’re right up the street from us. (found your posting while trying to get the date of the hailstorm for my stepson to write about it for a project). I live at end of Griffith on 35th – we lost windows on one side of the house and had a tree limb smash up a car we were borrowing from the dealer (lots of fun).

    Insurance adjustor not even out till next Monday. Times like this I miss having a landlord.

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