PBS’ “Carrier” (“There is a Small Coven of Wiccans on Board.”)

I stand corrected. Perhaps “coven” SHOULD be a requisite part of an educated vocabulary. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so sarcastic in my previous post! (And yes, I’m being sarcastic here, too… I’m lucky I haven’t gotten into too much trouble with my understated sarcasm yet…)

A couple of nights ago, I was watching a fascinating – FASCINATING – series on PBS, “Carrier,” about life aboard the USS Nimitz. I caught the tail end of an hour about naval pilots trying to land planes in “pitching sea” conditions. Crazy! I never thought about just how difficult it would be to land on a moving target that rocked back and forth and side to side like those aircraft carriers do in rough seas. It took most of the pilots several tries before they were actually able to land.

The next hour of the documentary (hour 8) was on religion and faith on board, and one of the officers stated that “there [was] a small coven of Wiccans on board.” Good thing I learned that word “coven” for my GRE test! Such a useful part of my vocabulary… [Sarcasm alert!]

After that first encounter with “Carrier,” I have since seen snatches of the documentary here and there, and it is excellent. EXCELLENT! And I JUST discovered that they have full episodes online! Oh no! Time suck! And amazingly, according to an NPR interview, the producers had virtually full editorial control of the content.

Official synopsis:

CARRIER, a 10-part series filmed aboard the USS Nimitz, is a character-driven immersion in the high-stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier. The episodes follow a core group of characters as they navigate their jobs, families, faith, patriotism, love, the rites of passage and the war on terror.

“Carrier.” Check it out. It is excellent. Excellent.

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