[DIY] Patio Door Repairs

I helped Mom repair a patio door that several repairmen have told her throughout the years couldn’t be fixed due to foundation problems… That seemed a bit silly to me. And I’m stubborn sometimes. Okay, maybe all of the time… So, I thought I would try my hand at fixing this myself!

We had to muscle the door open and closed every time we wanted to go out into that patio area. One time I trapped myself out there because I couldn’t open the door to get back inside! Rather than wait there until someone returned home, I climbed up onto the roof to wait it out up there… But that’s another story!

I was replacing 35-year-old rollers, so these were a bit harder to find. After calling and/or going to Home Depot, Ace, and Southland, Buffalo Hardware finally recommended Dawson’s, a place that specializes in hard-to-find window and door parts! If you’re only a casual reader and mechanical details bore you, then at least read the WARNING at the bottom of this receipt! I wonder what happened that led them to include this at the bottom of all of their invoices! (Yes, these parts were pricey…)

Dawson Invoice sm

If you want more details…

Swisco is also a great source for parts (and was actually a bit cheaper than Dawson’s…), and they have great instructions for replacing patio door rollers that I followed.

I had a hard time finding photos online in searching for DIY instructions, so maybe these will help someone else out… Or maybe they will help ME out if I ever need to replace the rollers on Mom’s OTHER patio door. But it really wasn’t that hard to do. Photos help, but weren’t necessary.

Roller Diag

Patio Door 1

Rusty rollers; bright, shiny, new rollers!

Patio Door 4

The stationary glass panel and the sliding door were both removed from the framing. The bottom of the door frame was also removed to gain access to the old, rusty rollers.

Patio Door 5

New roller installed inside the old aluminum frame! Old roller in the foreground.

Patio Door 3

Bottom of the frame rubber-malleted back into place!

Patio Door 2

And voila! A working, gliding, sliding patio door! Picture not included, but use your imagination! Mom was VERY surprised that this actually worked, that I was actually able to fix this. What? Do I abandon that many failed DIY projects??? 😀

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  1. Yes I have these SAME ROLLERS!!!!!!!!!

    I took the screen off my patio door because it never slid open and closed. It’s sitting out back outside my patio, waiting for the time when I can find the rollers to replace. I had been told also that it couldn’t be fixed, and am impressed by your perseverance!!!!

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