Smart Car Spotting in Houston!

I spotted a Smart Car in Houston a couple of weeks ago from my trusty Corolla while stopped at Kirkwood and Richmond. This Smart Car was apparently purchased from the Sugar Land location. A colleague had been on a waiting list for about a year so I knew they were coming, and it looks like they’ve finally arrived in Texas!

Houston Smart Car 02

Okay… So perhaps they are not such a big deal in Europe where you see them EVERYWHERE in various incarnations… But it was pretty exciting seeing one in Houston. Not that I want one… Still love my Corolla!

In the picture below, I captured three in one frame in Rome last summer, which is not very special since they are so common there!

Smart Car, Rome

Now what I think is really interesting is a car like MIT’s Stackable Car… Not quite convinced by this yet, but it is an intriguing system.

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  1. I want one. I was just thinking a few days ago that if my car here in Chicago breaks down due to the transition from hot to cold weather, I will get a smart car!

    Though, if the waiting list is 1 yr long, it may not fit in my timeline. 🙁

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