Adding an Aux Audio/iPod Input to a Car Radio (Any Excuse to Buy New Tools!)

This project of adding an auxiliary input jack to my factory car radio took way too long to complete.  I got a bit lazy after I failed the first couple of times, but it finally worked this fourth time!  Break it and learn, huh?

I’m basically piggy-backing the factoy-installed radio/cd player in my 2000 Corolla.  This is not a how-to guide, but rather, it provides supplemental photos to instructions written by others.

The first time I hacked my car stereo, it half worked…  The right channel worked, but the left channel was flaky.  “No prob,” I thought.  “Just a loose connection.”

I took it out a second time, but that only resulted in my losing my radio reception.  I also had no vocals when I plugged in my mp3 player, so I successfully disabled my radio AND I failed to get the aux input jack to work.

I finally got around to taking the radio out a third time 6 months later (so I had poor radio reception for 6 months!).  I thought that there might have been a loose antenna connection, but it turns out that I had completely forgotten to plug the antenna back in!  I then resoldered all of my audio cable connections, but I STILL wasn’t getting any vocals!  There’s a short circuit somewhere….

This fourth and final time, I bought a better stereo audio cable and cleaned up my solder connections, and that FINALLY did the trick!  Now I can hook up my mp3 player to my car stereo system!

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Supplemental photos for your viewing pleasure:

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