DIY Cuff Links

The cuff links that came with my shirt came apart, so I needed a new pair, and I like the styling of the silk knot cuff link.

According to, silk knot cuff links are usually made out of a variation of turk’s head knots.

This 2-color one by Brooks Brothers is pretty cool:

Here’s my attempt at tying a turk’s head knot using rope and instructions from Troop 54.

Obviously I was just practicing the knot.  This would be too big for a cuff link!

You can of course make cuff links out of anything!  Hmmm… Maybe I can make a pair out of guitar picks!

And I LOVE novelty cuff links like this one sold by

I wouldn’t personally wear these “fun” ones myself.  But hey, I wouldn’t mind being on the arm of a guy who wore this!

Next up in my random objects of fancy, Mom’s Craftsman edger/trimmer and seeing if I can fix it.  I’m trying to avoid adding to our overflowing landfills.  Plus, this edger is better than the one Mom bought to replace it!  If I get it to work again, that is!

It shouldn’t be too hard, except the last time I checked, about a third of the major parts were discontinued!  And when I checked just now, everything is discontinued!!!  I’ll have to check again later…  Or call Sears directly.  But assuming I can find parts, this shouldn’t be harder than switching out the window motor of my car, right?  We really do need to start thinking in a cradle-to-cradle way.