More Phone Books

So…  FIVE more phone books in the vicinity of my front door…

1 random one – I have yet to bend down to pick it up…  Partly because I don’t know if it’s mine or my neighbor’s, but more because I just really don’t want it.

4 behemoths for me and my 3 neighbors.  All four of these…  Well, really FIVE of these have been sitting outside all day today…  Ay… Wonder how long they’ll stay there THIS time…  I should just ask my neighbors if they want me to take it to HEB to the phone recycling bin (you can’t recycle it with “regular” paper).

I’m really getting tired of complaining about this!

Sección Amarilla


“Sí funciona… y funciona muy bien.”

So says the cover of our newest copy of the Yellow Pages.  ¿Es verdad?

I mean… Seriously???  It looks like this same edition that was in Mom’s mailbox is the same edition that was beside my aunt’s mailbox.  Again, ten copies of them!  ¡¡¡Diez copias!!!

I was flipping through the front of it to see if there were any new government offerings that I should be aware of and I slowly realized that…  Hey!  This is not only half in Spanish!  It’s COMPLETELY in Spanish!


I don’t mean to sound like a broken record…  But… SERIOUSLY???

No funciona.  ¡La sección amarilla no funciona!

Hello, Mr. Recycling Bin.  Hello.

More Phone Books


A bundle of ten to be exact.  I picked up my aunt from her house today to go shopping with my mom and me, and this bundle of ten phone books was sitting beside her mailbox!  Evidently the person who was supposed to deliver these to the neighborhood didn’t think people really wanted them either.  He’s probably right!  But he shouldn’t litter!  Especially not on my aunt and uncle’s property!