L.A.: Food and the Getty Center

I visited my old friends from college, Evelyn and Shimi in L.A. last week, and I had a great time hanging out with them! We had a lot of fun at the Hollywood Bowl at the “Sound of Music” sing-a-long (my favorite movie, along with “Gone with the Wind”).

We enjoyed many gastronimical delights from:

  • Wurstkuche, “Purveyor of Exotic Grilled Sausages” (Shimi and I were disappointed that they ran out of alligator/andouille sausage, but the hot dogs and belgian fries that we got were excellent)
  • Prado Restaurant (excellent Prado sampler and fresh, crisp mojitos)
  • The Counter: Custom Built Burgers (great burgers with fresh ingredients)
  • Trader Joe’s (multi-grain waffles courtesy of Evelyn’s very efficient toaster that had a “freezer” button – how novel!)
  • Farmer’s Market Loteria carnita taco (Ev got a frozen yogurt from Pinkberry)
  • Jamba Juice at the Grove
  • Amandine Cafe (vegetable omelette + cappuccino + birthday cheesecake (?) for Shimi and me)
  • Evelyn’s kitchen (homemade birthday belgian waffles + Nutella courtesy of Evelyn!)
  • Newport Seafood (in Rowland Heights, EXCELLENT lobster, clams, crab soup. Sorry, Ev. I still can’t describe these dishes as well as Shimi.)
  • Whole Foods (picnic dinner at the “Sound of Music” sing-a-long)
  • Osteria Mamma (Yum! grilled octopus and “Reginette della Mamma” handmade pasta)
  • Evelyn’s kitchen, again (pasta with pesto and grilled salmon; also, grilled snapper)

I’m sure I left out several places.

I also visited several museums, and my favorite place was the Getty Center.  I visited twice!  I think I’ll have to cull the 215 photos of the Getty that made the first “cut” before posting any… So I don’t have any uploaded except for…

These three panoramas!  Combined (using Photosynth), all three panoramas are made up of ~ 240 photos. The weather was a bit fickle on this day.  Richard Meier’s architectural designs framed bright blue skies during the morning architecture and garden tours that I took, but by the time the “Turner and the Landscape Tradition” tour was about to start (which I missed since I was photographing Robert Irwin’s bougainvillea rebar trellis “trees”), the dark clouds had already rolled in.

Hopefully these 3 panoramas will be approved by and embedded in Bing Maps.

Random pictures below…

Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

As viewed in Google Earth… With the 3D buildings layer turned on!

I couldn’t quite remember where I took the Luxor picture from a blog entry I posted earlier this week, and curiosity and nostalgia got the best of me.

Ah, the Erasmus Bridge and the KPN Tower (Renzo Piano) help to situate the Luxor – and more importantly, that intersection – in my mind now!

And I remember shivering there and there and there… And getting rained on while biking across that bridge there… But oh, it was worth it.

rotterdam 01

rotterdam 02

rotterdam 03

rotterdam 04

rotterdam 05

rotterdam 06

rotterdam 07