A New Reason Why I Don’t Shop at Best Buy

My dearly beloved Canon MP530 died a second time. That new print head didn’t last very long. Poor move, Jane. You should have bought a new printer in the first place instead of buying just a new print head, and you should have given in to Canon’s designed product end-of-life, wasteful as it is.

Despite this, I’m a loyal Canon printer customer, so I decided to get a new Canon MG5220 from Best Buy. Finally a good excuse to use 2 gift cards that I’ve had for over 6 months. One was for $100 and one was for $25. I knew because I had written this with a Sharpie on the back.

Walking into Best Buy, I was looking for a cart since I came only for a printer. None at the front. None to be seen at all. Okay, fine. Maybe it’s not as bulky as my last printer was. I was trying to decide between two printers, and I finally decided on the cheaper model, which was located at the confluence of several pathways, ie a very visible location at end of several aisles. As I bent down to remove the two price tag stands from the top of the stack of 2 boxes of printers, I was half-hoping that maybe one of the male employees would kindly offer to assist me me with carrying the printer to the front of the store, or at least offer to get me a cart. I put the signs back on the single remaining printer box and took the other printer and proceeded to carry it to the front of the store. Oh well. Who needs help anyways? I can do this. I’m not helpless.

I get to the cash register, and the lady behind the cash register asked me how I was doing as she continued to stare down at whatever she was “busy” doing. I don’t feel like answering if you don’t really care how I’m doing, and if you can’t be bothered to at least glance at me to make eye contact with me as I come up to you. Actually, I would have preferred it if you hadn’t asked at all.

As she proceeded with the transaction, half of the time she was talking to the other cashier behind her… I think… Actually, I couldn’t tell WHO she was talking to because she also had a headset on, so she could have been talking to them, but probably not, since she was complaining about how short-staffed they were and complaining about her having to be there.

She scanned the UPC of my printer. “Do you want the 2-year warranty or the 4- year warranty?” UHH…. How about NEITHER???

I then proceeded to pay for the $108-and-some-change total with my gift cards, and she continued to complain to the other cashier behind her. She tossed each gift card under her cash register as she scanned each one.

As she completed the transaction, she gave me my receipt, and as I clutched it, I paused for a second waiting for her to make her next move, but it looked like she expected me to lift the printer off the counter and leave.

I asked her, “Don’t I have money left on that gift card?”

She pulled the receipt back out of my hand. “Yes, you do… You are right. You have sixteen dollars. Which one is it? Was it the blue card or the Santa card?” Of course by now, I’m thoroughly disgusted. She was so busy complaining to the cashier behind her that she wasn’t paying attention to me or to the transaction she was trying to complete.

And did I mention that the line was really short? I only had to wait 30 seconds to get to a cashier (if even that). The cashiers were SO understaffed that the wait was 30 seconds!!!! For shame!

I haven’t been to Best Buy in years, and this definitely was not a good impression, but now I have $16 left to spend there… Can you sense my excitement? (Not that I don’t appreciate the gift-givers, because I do!)

Fees and Surcharges

Standard Airport Parking Rates:

Outdoor Self Park: $4.75/Daily

Rates do not include 8.250% tax, 6% access fee and one-time $2.00 per stay fuel surcharge.

Rates subject to change without notice.

Fuel surcharge so we can pay for your shuttle’s gas to take us from the parking lot to the airport?  How far is your lot from the airport???

I understand you have to pay for gas, but trying to make your rates seem more competitive by trying to hide the total cost elsewhere???  Pretty sneaky.

Reminds me of the ol’ used car salesman’s four-square bit of prestidigitation or legerdemain… or even necromancy…

But who knows.  Maybe all of the companies do that, and I just haven’t found the small print yet.

Note to self: No FastTrack Airport Parking.  UNLESS, I suppose, I want to leave my car for a very long period of time.

Perhaps the Improper Flag Orientation Above the Balance Beam Distracted the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team, Too…

It distracted me!!!

Source: NBC Video

Okay, I’m probably the only one who noticed this…  My friend couldn’t find the flag in the picture above.  It’s in the background in the crowd on the left, to the left of the Olympics rings.

Stars are supposed to be on the LEFT when hung vertically…

Flag draped over the Pentagon after 9/11.
Photo by Michael W. Pendergrass.
Source: B-1 System Program Office.

But hey, we have people who made the trip to China to support our teams, so I can’t complain too much.

Maybe NBC could have digitally altered it to correct it!  JUST KIDDING!!!

But that technology to show world record paces (eg, in swimming) is incredible!!!  A step up from showing the 1st down line in football, huh? And that’s pretty amazing in itself.

As far as the time lapse videos…  Stro-motion???  I can’t help but think of high school physics class and parabolic trajectories of balls being thrown in the air.

Now I hear blame is being placed by various people on the Beijing officials and even NBC in the delay of Alicia’s start on the beam…  This in addition to the much-discussed underaged Chinese team…