L.A.: Food and the Getty Center

I visited my old friends from college, Evelyn and Shimi in L.A. last week, and I had a great time hanging out with them! We had a lot of fun at the Hollywood Bowl at the “Sound of Music” sing-a-long (my favorite movie, along with “Gone with the Wind”).

We enjoyed many gastronimical delights from:

  • Wurstkuche, “Purveyor of Exotic Grilled Sausages” (Shimi and I were disappointed that they ran out of alligator/andouille sausage, but the hot dogs and belgian fries that we got were excellent)
  • Prado Restaurant (excellent Prado sampler and fresh, crisp mojitos)
  • The Counter: Custom Built Burgers (great burgers with fresh ingredients)
  • Trader Joe’s (multi-grain waffles courtesy of Evelyn’s very efficient toaster that had a “freezer” button – how novel!)
  • Farmer’s Market Loteria carnita taco (Ev got a frozen yogurt from Pinkberry)
  • Jamba Juice at the Grove
  • Amandine Cafe (vegetable omelette + cappuccino + birthday cheesecake (?) for Shimi and me)
  • Evelyn’s kitchen (homemade birthday belgian waffles + Nutella courtesy of Evelyn!)
  • Newport Seafood (in Rowland Heights, EXCELLENT lobster, clams, crab soup. Sorry, Ev. I still can’t describe these dishes as well as Shimi.)
  • Whole Foods (picnic dinner at the “Sound of Music” sing-a-long)
  • Osteria Mamma (Yum! grilled octopus and “Reginette della Mamma” handmade pasta)
  • Evelyn’s kitchen, again (pasta with pesto and grilled salmon; also, grilled snapper)

I’m sure I left out several places.

I also visited several museums, and my favorite place was the Getty Center.  I visited twice!  I think I’ll have to cull the 215 photos of the Getty that made the first “cut” before posting any… So I don’t have any uploaded except for…

These three panoramas!  Combined (using Photosynth), all three panoramas are made up of ~ 240 photos. The weather was a bit fickle on this day.  Richard Meier’s architectural designs framed bright blue skies during the morning architecture and garden tours that I took, but by the time the “Turner and the Landscape Tradition” tour was about to start (which I missed since I was photographing Robert Irwin’s bougainvillea rebar trellis “trees”), the dark clouds had already rolled in.

Hopefully these 3 panoramas will be approved by and embedded in Bing Maps.

Random pictures below…