Testing ViewBix

Testing ViewBix here.

“Viewbix allows you to easily overlay any YouTube or Facebook video and create an interactive video or video ad unit. Add apps such as photos, free text, Twitter feeds, or any standard RSS feed and change your static video content into a dynamic interactive experience! Viewbix is the easiest way to add links to YouTube Video or to have YouTube video with links to a website.”

(Hmm… The company is not consistent on whether or not they capitalize the B in “ViewBix”… Just sayin’…)

After testing… Potentially cool with the right application… Though at this point, I’m not sure what added value is here versus sharing a link to a Vimeo or YouTube video… I don’t see any… Especially since it’s definitely NOT interactive.

Brandi Carlile’s “The Story”

GM hooked me on this song with their TV commercial, and after watching it on YouTube, I’m even more hooked.  (Whereas, watching the the full-length MacBook Air song bored me to tears; I almost didn’t watch the whole thing.  Love it as a jingle, but not as a full-length song.)

And yes, it was used on “Grey’s Anatomy,” too, a show I used to love…  I used to care about these characters a couple of seasons ago…

Anybody have the guitar tabs for this???  😀




GM Commercial


Grey’s Anatomy