Phone Books

Do people ever use them anymore?  Do people even want them anymore?  I don’t.  I can’t remember the last time I used one…  And the last time was probably to prop something up or weigh something down.  Earlier last week the phone company delivered four phone books to each residence in my apartment complex.  When I got the first one, I shook my head, “What a waste…”  When I got the other three a couple of days later bundled in a blue bag, “What an even bigger waste.”  And I moved the bag to the side so I could enter my apartment.  Yes, I left it out there.  All week.  As did two of my three neighbors who share a walkway with me.  Any bets on how long they will leave theirs out there?  I’ll wager another week.

So, today I finally took it to the recycling bin – all four books.  And just as I suspected all week, the bin was full of telephone books.  What a waste…

A waste of so many things.  A waste of resources of all kinds.  A waste of space in the landfills and recycling centers.  A waste of more resources in handling and processing these behemoths that nobody uses anymore.  Doesn’t it cost the phone company money – our money – to make these things?  Or do they actually make money from Jim Adler, the Tough, Smart Lawyer paying for advertising space on the spine of A through L?

Is there an option to “opt out” of receiving phone books?  I should probably call my phone company and ask them.  They should have an “opt in” option so that the default is not getting them.

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  1. Not in my world they don’t. That’s why I quite advertising in them. Do you know how much a full page ad is in the phoenix phone book? Try about $10,000. Heck one full page ad probably pays for all the paper they waste! I wish there was someone collecting and recycling the phone books and then announcing to the advertisers that still pay for them how much they waste.

    Of course, don’t tell my competitors how much they are wasting…. =)

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