Sección Amarilla


“Sí funciona… y funciona muy bien.”

So says the cover of our newest copy of the Yellow Pages.  ¿Es verdad?

I mean… Seriously???  It looks like this same edition that was in Mom’s mailbox is the same edition that was beside my aunt’s mailbox.  Again, ten copies of them!  ¡¡¡Diez copias!!!

I was flipping through the front of it to see if there were any new government offerings that I should be aware of and I slowly realized that…  Hey!  This is not only half in Spanish!  It’s COMPLETELY in Spanish!


I don’t mean to sound like a broken record…  But… SERIOUSLY???

No funciona.  ¡La sección amarilla no funciona!

Hello, Mr. Recycling Bin.  Hello.

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