Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers

So, I was watching Sesame Street on TV a couple of months ago (I admit, I often don’t act the 28 years that I am) and the Muppets were in this HILARIOUS parody of “Deal or No Deal.”  I was watching the initial broadcast, so nothing was out on You Tube yet…  And well, it’s here, now!  Until the Muppets people yank it off.

Yes, it’s hilarious if you’ve seen a few episodes of Howie Mandel’s version and already think that version is cheesy.  Yay, You Tube!

So then thinking of Sesame Street led me to thinking about Mr. Rogers.  I only remember two episodes off-hand: the crayon-making episode and the trumpet-making episode.  Haha.  Even back then I loved efficiency in automation, watching those crayons being molded and packaged down the assembly line and watching those trumpets being stamped out and formed.

Hm.  I can’t find the trumpet video (and wonder if my memory is a bit faulty in attributing it to Mr. Rogers), but yay!  They have the crayon episode!  And a few others that I don’t think I’ve seen.

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  1. Thanks for the correction and the video, Hillary! That’s why I couldn’t find it before! Ah, I love that saxophone clip!

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