Ah…  My laugh for today.  An “offer” was posted on the Austin Freecycle mailing list a couple of days ago for 2 Anna’s Linens coupons.  I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help but wonder, “Who would want those even if they were free?  Aren’t they like the ubiquitous Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off coupons?”

But lo and behold!  Somebody wanted those coupons!

Sometimes I wonder whether it would be fun/interesting to do some sort of sociological experiment with this list…  Make use of some of the things I learned in my college “Craft of Sociology” class?  😀

And most of the time, the “wanted” posts are reasonable enough – like a teacher’s request for 4 laptops for her students’ lego lab project (yes, who knows if this is true, but I’ll believe…  Although, with her email being “iwork4him,” who is “him”??  Eh…).

But other times my jaw drops at requests like one for a 17″ flat screen monitor with no further explanation or justification – not even a fake sob story!

Give ME a flat screen monitor, not him!  Ha!  Gimme-gimmee!  I guess if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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