11th Grade English

Okay, so glancing at post I just put up…  “Unlined recycled paper” versus “recycled unlined paper.”  Which is correct?  Or neither?  (Maybe a comma is needed.)

As a native English speaker, your ears will (or should be able to) place your adjectives in the correct order 9.5 times out of 10.  I remember that in Mr. McBride’s English class we learned that there are… oh… 5-8 “classes” of adjectives (can’t remember the exact number).  Eg, in/definite articles, colors, numbers, etc…  And the classes go in a certain order, ie, the in/definite article is first.  If there are two or more adjectives from the same class, you separate the adjectives with commas…

Can anybody point me to a good reference for this rule offhand?  I think I already packed up my grammar book.  I probably shouldn’t be spending time googling this right now!

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