Destroying New Mazdas

A Crushing Issue: How to Destroy Brand-New Cars from WSJ

A ship carrying 4,703 Mazdas from Japan to the States nearly sank a couple of years go, and they’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the cars since then:

Insurers covering Mazda’s losses wanted to be sure the company wouldn’t resell any cars or parts — thereby profiting on the side. So every steel-alloy wheel has to be sliced, every battery rendered inoperable, and every tire damaged beyond repair. All CD players must get smashed.

Seriously???  What a waste!  So what if Mazda “profits” a little?  Especially if it means recovering material that is perfectly fine and brand new!  So instead, energy is going to be expended to pulverize all of these components.  Then even more energy will be consumed to ship these bits back to Asia.  And more energy and other resources will be used to create the same (or even downcycled products).  And then even more energy will be needed to ship these new materials back to America!  How does that make any sense?

Yes, I can see how Mazda wouldn’t want to risk their reputation by letting these cars out into the world.  Public trust is hard to earn, but it is easily broken, but surely MANY if not MOST of the cars’ parts can be recovered!  Products also need to be designed with disassembly in mind – with the end of the product’s life cycle in mind so that it’s easier to reuse the parts in its next life cycle…

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