Eldorado/San Angelo Cult (FLDS)


I was curious about the layout of this cult’s compound and wanted to see if I could find it in Google Earth…  Some of my more noteworthy findings:

Aerial photos – Lots of them.  Source of the image above. Apparently a local pilot was interested in chronicling the development of this ranch…

Wikipedia Entry

Google Community Post 1 – Interesting info from a few years ago.  Unknown credibility, but seems reliable enough to me!  They have their own limestone quarry?

Google Community Post 2

Chicago Tribune Photos – Photo 12 is surreal.  The whiteness of the temple surrounded by manicured green lawns gated by a white perimeter wall in the middle of a dry, dusty, scruffy terrain…  Brightness, whiteness, clean lines and angles as an island (fortress?) amidst the “drab.”  A purposeful stark contrast, I’m sure.  These green lawns remind me of building a model of Saint Germain en Laye in one of my landscape architecture classes long ago – if only because I was trying to get those indignant little puffs of green to stay glued onto the chipboard (cardboard) for those massive green lawns!  Bright green puffs on top of drab gray cardboard…  And stairs…  Those stairs for the level changes were tedious to model, too.  Who knew one could spend so many hours staring at that?

Satellite Images of the Compound – None are current.  Google Earth doesn’t always have the most recent satellite image.  In this case, Microsoft does (but the images are still pretty old).  MapQuest ranks in the middle here.  This particular site combines Google Earth and Microsoft satellite images – and a few others.  “Yearning for Zion (YFZ) Ranch” is the name of the compound…

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