Idol Follow-Up

Huh.  So yesterday, I couldn’t help thinking, “Wow, is ‘Idol’ trying to leverage the ‘giving power’ of the church in picking this song to sing and putting it up on iTunes?”

I wonder what kind of a response they got from the Christian community after last night’s telecast…  The Idol contestants resang the song just now with the correct lyrics.  Notably, not everyone was singing all of the lyrics.

Funny, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this song choice…  Part of me still remembers how angry I would have felt if I were “forced” to sing this while a non-Christian.  In my sociology of religion class in college, I participated in a few “religious gatherings” (Presbyterian church service, Baha’i fireside, and college Christian worship night), but I VOLUNTARILY sang those songs as a “participant observer” (a la Erving Goffman, noted sociologist).  And even though I voluntarily participated, I still felt very awkward taking part in something I did not support.

As a Christian now, however, (7 years, almost to the day) this IS one of my favorite songs.  And…  To have this song sung on such a wide-reaching stage…

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