New Balance’s LOVE/hate Ad Campaign


I got this “DO NOT DISTURB” flyer on my front door today, as did the neighbors in my complex. 

Though one side of me was thinking, “This is a little too much for me,” another side of me was saying, “Brilliant advertising campaign!”  That’s enough for me to go to their website!

And who knows?  Maybe it’s a sign!  Well, yes, of course it’s a sign.  But I’m training to run a 5k in about a month…  As I’ve said before, MapMyRun is a good training tool…  That and FavoriteRun.  I’m still undecided as to which I like more…

So every time I see “x HEARTS y,” I want to gag…  This is no exception.  I associate that with a person who writes with big bubbly letters and dots her i’s with circles!  And imperfectly formed circles at that!  Yes, I must admit I am being very judgmental here…  Maybe that’s why my own handwriting is so small and “scrawly.”

But this video commerical that I originally saw on the New Balance website is BRILLIANT!  I love it!  (It’s just easier to link to this YouTube version than the official version, alas.  Otherwise, I’d link to the primary source.)  I’ve always noticed that I have a love/hate relationship for the things that I most enjoy doing, and this video captures those feelings so well.

New Balance shoes…  Every time I think of New Balance, I think of Coach David Lee.  He was QB coach of Rice football three out of the four summers I worked in the football office.  A GREAT guy.  He loved his New Balance shoes.  🙂

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