Twistori: Finally a Use for Twitter!

I just discovered Twistori last night! And as many users have noted, this would be great to have as a screen saver! Actually, I often use 2 monitors when I’m on the computer, so I’ve been putting this page up on my “background” secondary monitor.

Twitter is… USELESS in my opinion. I’ve only been using it for a few days, and yep. That only confirmed my reasons to avoid this waste of time in the first place…

If I want to know what my friends are doing, I would call or email them. I surely don’t expect anyone to keep tabs on me by following MY boring twitter stream!

Yes, I have also been playing around with it by posting my twitters as an RSS feed on my blog site. WordPress does not allow Javascript, so I’ll have to live with this wanky display… Until I completely remove it and stop twittering. We’ll see how long I’ll continue to play with this… But even if I stop twittering, I’ll still find this site fascinating!

BUT… This Twistori mashup is pretty cool! From their website:

this is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter. inspired by wefeelfine and drawing data from summize, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs.

It does not give me any utility in my life, but it’s fascinating and entertaining to read!

As far as “social experiments,” I wonder how the content of these feeds will change as more people know about this mashup site (or similar sites).

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