Free Graphics Programs: Picnik & Photoshop Express

You don’t really need Photoshop anymore to do some pretty fancy things with photos and other graphics!  A quick comparison of Picnik and Photoshop Express based on 5 minutes of tinkering with each; both are free and web-based (ie, you don’t have to download software):

Picnik: Wins this initial phase.  Lots of effects to choose from.  Resize option available. 

Too much exposure to I-125 turns Jane a glowing green!

Photoshop Express: Disappoints for lack of features and resizing option (at a quick glance).  They still want you to buy their full-featured version! 

Photoshop: NOT free!  You can, of course, do a lot more with this pricey program.  The two previous programs apparently only let you download 72-dpi versions of the modified graphics (good enough for web viewing, but not nearly good enough for printing).  Oh wait…  My original file was 72 dpi…  Too lazy to see if this statement still holds true if the input file is more than 72 dpi…

In case you ever want to make a cross-stitch version of yourself… 

And while I’m at it, XnView and IrfanView are awesome free downloadable graphics programs.  For my purposes, I prefer XnView over IrfanView and use it instead of the default Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to open my jpegs.  IrfanView, however, is a close second, and it can make .ico files that XnView can’t (as of about 8 or 10 months ago when I was comparing them).

GIMP is supposed to be a great free (non-web-based) program, too.  Has anyone tried it?  Maybe I will one day — when my Photoshop crashes.

On an unrelated note… ARGH!!!!  I HATE WORDPRESS!!!  I wish I could use Dreamweaver…  This thing is so finicky!  It doesn’t respond as it should!!!

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