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Flickr Downloader is a great utility.  It’s small (~250 kb) and simple, yet very powerful – the best traits in software!  It can download ALL photos in a Flickr album at ORIGINAL resolution with ONE CLICK!

I’ve always wondered why Flickr never had that option – and that’s one of the main reasons that I uploaded my photos to Google’s Picasa instead of Flickr.  (Not that I would have a need to download pictures I uploaded – unless, knock on wood, my computer AND my backup drive both crash!)  The other reason I chose Picasa was that it allowed me to geotag my photos.  This online album allows me to relive a trip that my friends and I took through East Texas in our rented Prius in 2005!

After a few years of using Picasa, Flickr still seems to be hugely dominant, so with this Flickr Downloader program, I MIGHT become a convert…  Except…  How can I abandon Google???  I love Google…  GoogleEarth, GoogleMaps, Google Reader, Sketchup (never thought I’d say I loved this program)…  And I’m starting to like GMail and Google Documents…  But most of all, I love the mashup and collaboration POTENTIAL of their products.

But download Flickr Downloader and YOU, my fellow Google Groupie, can coexist with the Flickr Fanatics.  But Google is still better!

EXCEPT: Overall, WordPress is better than Blogger!


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  1. um. do agree cause I love Google Maps, Earth.. documents is kind of crap for my use though… anyways, wanted to give Flickr a shoutout because um.. you can geotag your photos on there.. unless you’re talking about some other functionality than the ‘Maps’ application on Flickr? 🙂

  2. @josh: Good to know re: geotagging photos on Flickr! I’ll definitely have to look into that next time! But lately, I haven’t been posting many photos up, nor have I been geotagging them when I do.

    Yeah, I would agree – GoogleDocs is pretty useless except maybe for collaboration purposes. But then for that, Zoho seems a LOT better. GoogleDocs lacks a lot of the even intermediate-level functions. But I haven’t really needed to collaborate on spreadsheets or documents lately, so I’m sticking with MSOffice 2007 for now!

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