Guitar and Violin Cabinet, Nascent Ideas

…the TRUE first iteration from sketches, doodles, and precedent pieces…  These came BEFORE the Sketchup model from the previous post, so I’m posting these anachronistically…  Some of the pictures are bad because my printer’s yellow is a bit finicky.

Basically, I want a “permanent” place for my guitar and violin.  I play my instruments more when I don’t have to unzip or unlatch them out of their cases (yes, 15 seconds make a huge difference!), but instruments should ideally be kept in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.  My doodles for this day started with my categorizing of all of my “stuff,” and I have a lot of “music stuff”!

I want a central place to display my instruments behind glass in a sealed environment, but of course my instruments still have to be easily accessible for spontaneous jam sessions!  Yes, I might be going a tad overboard…  Hidden compartments in the back would store cases, music stands, and other random music-related items that don’t fit on the front shelves.

Or at least that’s the general idea!  Who knows if I’ll ever get around to doing this!

The sketches:

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  1. I think it’s an awesome idea and you should definitely find a carpenter to make it for you, if you don’t find someone to loan you a saw. If we lived close, I know my husband would love helping you. He loves architecture, is an engineer and has a saw, plus he loves music! oh well. I hope you’re able to make it happen. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Leigh! Yeah, I do have a jigsaw and a mini-circular saw, but this might be an excuse to buy a table saw in the future! And a band saw and a miter saw and a belt sander and a lathe and a drill press… But perhaps in the far future!

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