Published: August 31, 2008
It adds convenience, privacy and security. And the oversize door is handy for moving big objects in or out. One owner even turned his garage into a music room.

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  1. I KNOW!!!

    Okay, maybe not cul-de-sacs – that’s a bit too tranquil and gated/guarded for me, even if/when I have a family (watch me eat my words a couple of decades from now)…

    But I agree; “suburbia” is not a lifestyle I strive for or desire right now… Suburbias don’t have the dense transportation networks that I want!

    In any case… I think the deciding factors for where I live will mostly be based on where I work and play (this includes where family and friends are) – hopefully on some sort of bus line! That’s how I picked my last two apartments. The only thing I might commute for is church!

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