Sacred Ordinary: Window Malfunction

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Ordinarily, I would be writing this in my pen-and-paper journal and not in my blog… Debate against myself on this will go in my journal…

But I couldn’t resist commenting on a selection in Leigh McLeroy’s latest book, The Sacred Ordinary: Embracing the Holy in the Everday, which can be purchased from Amazon, among other places.

In “My Window Malfunction,” (pgs 106-7), McLeroy describes the acrobatic moves and “idiotic sign language” that she had to do to “accommodate [her] handicap” of not having a functioning car power window in order to avoid the cost of fixing the real problem. She then draws an analogy between a malfunctioning car window and malfunctions in life caused by the problems of personal sin. Instead of circumventing the malfunctions, it would have been much easier to address the issues at the very beginning: in the case of the car, fix the window, and in the case of sin, repent, seeking forgiveness.

Hrm… As a person not raised as a Christian and who came to Christ at the age of 21, I can see how that last bit may seem a little… esoteric… to some. Even now, as a 8-year-old Christian, I’m still learning the meaning of sin and repentance. Ms. McLeroy goes into more detail in her book and she is much more elegant in her descriptions than I am in this very brief synopsis, so pick up a copy of the book for the complete text of this and many other meditations in finding the holy in ordinary places, people, things, moments, and words. In fact, I think I butchered her words, so please go to to read an excerpt from her book.

For me, since I’m very much of a DIY, take-things-apart-and-put-them-back-together kind of person, and since I enjoyed fixing my own car window, I can’t relate DIRECTLY to this analogy, but that doesn’t take away from its worth. My own interpretation, as an offshoot of hers and a question to myself is, I spend all of this time and energy “fixing” external things, but how much time do I spend being still and expectantly anticipating Him? And also… Many other questions for myself that will go in my journal!

Ms. McLeroy’s book is filled with many wonderful devotional reflections. On one hand, it can be a very “quick read,” but on the other, I can spend hours reflecting on each of the 112 meditations and the truth contained within! Pick up a copy!

FYI, my favorite meditation is “Shine” (pgs 144-6).

As a small disclaimer, I am blessed to have Leigh as a very dear friend, but knowing her only serves to give deeper meaning to the words she’s written!

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  1. Jane, I’m honored that you chose to blog on one of the entries in The Sacred Ordinary – and thrilled to know of yet another of your talents I hadn’t realized: fixing balky car windows! You DID in fact get the gist of the entry, and I’m grateful for both your “props” to the book, and your steady friendship. See you tonight! Leigh

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