Target Shopping Cart Escalator

Perhaps I’m too easily amused or too simple-minded or maybe I just need to get out more, but I found this shopping cart escalator FASCINATING!

This almost matches the glee I felt upon discovering escalators in Germany that would alternate between going up and down, depending on whether a person was at the top or at the bottom, as determined by a weight sensor! (What happens when one person at the top and one at the bottom both trigger the sensors at precisely the same time???)

This shopping cart escalator was in a Chicago Target near my cousins’ apartments.

Yes, that’s me in the video saying that this looks fun! Yes, I AM easily entertained! Kay, you missed out! That’s what happens when you snooze! You lose!



target 001

target 003

target 004

Note the special attachment between the front wheels.
Also note my cousin Patty and her dad in the background!

You know, now that I think about it, the Whole Foods in Austin, TX has a pretty steep escalator/moving sidewalk-type conveyor system where you get on WITH your cart to move between floors.  Somehow that’s not as cool as this, though.

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