Rice Revisited

I recently revisited my alma mater Rice University when I joined friends at a football game against the University of North Texas. What a great game that was! Before I met up with my friends, though, I did a quick tour of the campus…

Lovett Hall 02

Lovett Hall. What a pitiful sight! This is the worst I’ve ever seen these Italian cypresses and hedges! Compare this with pictures I took circa 2001 with a 35 mm camera…

IMG 0043

What happened to the hedges???? Such scrawny Italian cypresses!

IMG 0044

Rice regularly replaces its Italian cypresses, but this was a sad, sad sight! When do they replace them? In the middle of the night??? I’ve never seen them actually do it!

coffeehouse 02

The new coffee house… Built after I graduated… A very jarring sight when approaching from the west… So out of place in my eyes… The interior wasn’t that much better… EXCEPT when you’re looking out! I didn’t have any time to take any photos of that, but I love inside-outside spaces…

IMG 0034

Eh… Reminds me of the fountain that I hate by the business school…

IMG 0030

IMG 0035

Here, I began changing my mind about this space… Starting to see how this might be an enjoyable place to read a book or people-watch…

IMG 0036

Love this…

IMG 0050 mod 02

And this.

IMG 0060

The game!

IMG 0063

Whomp! Go Owls!

IMG 0064

Hi, Sammy!

Rice Stadium 02

Post-game. Way back when, this stadium hosted a Super Bowl! Super Bowl VII or VII? I guess I could google… But too lazy!

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  1. Whoa, Rice certainly looks different! Thanks for posting the photos, i haven’t really been by there in ages — only to run errands.

    The quad is quite depressing, and the glass coffeehouse looks weirdly out of place. Is it by the student center? I can’t even imagine where on campus it would fit in!

    Will have to go on a tour of Rice again when I am back in Houston.

  2. The coffeehouse is just west of the library… Southeast of the chapel? North of… Herring Hall, I think it is… I don’t know why, but I always got Herring and Hamman Halls mixed up… On the edge of what used to be a big open field.

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