Frank Gehry, EarthSwoop, and Google Earth

I haven’t been in a blogging mood lately. No particular reason. No, it wasn’t because I wanted to keep my photos in the forefront; I’m not THAT vain!

I’m cleaning out my inboxes, and I’m finally reading my Dec 2008 issue of Sightseer, the monthly newsletter for Google Earth.

Looks like they have several 3-D models of Frank Gehry’s works. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Gehry… I thought his work in Millennium Park was pretty garish when I first saw it from afar… And up close… Well, it got only a tad better… But, perhaps only because the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was playing at the time! But despite Gehry’s design, the lawn in front of Pritzker Pavilion is one of my favorite spaces:


Photo taken in Millennium Park, summer 2005

Now looking at the same scene in EarthSwoop:


Pretty neat…

And then there’s MIT’s Stata Center in Cambridge, Mass… Which, I’m also not a huge fan of… But it was one of the touristy things to see when I visited Boston last summer:

Boston 002

Boston 003

Stata Center

These 3-D models aren’t that great… Mostly because the images used on the faces of the polygons are very drab in hue, but also because the buildings don’t even touch the ground, but you can at least start to get a feel for the place…

The separated bike lane and the rhythm and repetition created by the allée of trees also add to the space. Not a fan of building, but I did like some aspects of the sidewalk, bike lane, and street:

Boston 007

Boston 009

And… Enough rambling for the month.

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