Testing Screencast Video Recorder (Android App) on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

I tested the Screencast Video Recorder app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ms.screencast) on my Galaxy S3. I had poor results until I read a suggestion to disable hardware overlays in the developer options. I also enabled the “show touches” option to show pinches and zooms. Root access is required.

Portrait Mode

00:04 Screencast settings used [High. 30 frames per second.]

00:17 If you have choppy screencasts, go to SETTINGS, DEVELOPER OPTIONS, DISABLE HARDWARE OVERLAYS

01:06 To show panning and pinching gestures in your screencast, go to INPUT, SHOW TOUCHES. I prefer this over Screencast’s pointer icons.

01:22 Native Camera App

02:10 Opera Classic Browser [Zooming in and out.]

04:20 ES Media Player [Testing video response & recording quality.]

06:15 YouTube App [Testing recording quality.]

08:28 Torque [Great program. One could probably make a Screencast of the video! Torque’s video export tool is awful.]

11:00 S Memo [Just doodling]

12:19 OfficeSuite [Just opened the program.]

13:30 YouVersion Bible App [Just opened the program.]

14:24 Google Earth [I’ve got the whole world in my hands! And between my pinch-and-zoom-gesturing fingers. Houston, Texas.]

17:47 Google Earth: Pegman!

18:40 Google Earth: Rice University Academic Quad & Willy’s Statue

Landcape Mode

Tested screen recording of:
– camera
– screen brightness
– video resolution and quality

I had to rotate video after I uploaded it to YouTube for it to properly display in landscape mode.

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