Freecycling AT&T Yellow Pages

Are you serious???  Not just one, but two!  And why is “phone books” my most tagged category???  Just earlier today I was thinking that that little check-box wouldn’t be used to categorize any of my blog posts anymore.  Ha!

You can look at my earlier posts for how I feel about phone books…

If you haven’t heard about, it’s a forum where people can request things and give things away (“offer” things) with no money changing hands.

The post:

OFFER: dec 2007 ATT yellow pages qty two  (NCA)  

Posted by: “John”

Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:39 pm (PDT)

claim one or two
3 inch thick copies new cond.
Greenhouse pickup no appt needed
Must pickup by Sat 4PM


Opt In or Opt Out? Phone Books Revisited

I knew I couldn’t be the only one mad about this wasteful and useless product:

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On another note, my driver’s license used to have a place where I could opt in to be an organ donor…  What happened to that check-box?