Hmmm… I think I like tinkering with setting up photo galleries more than fully building them out…  Now that WordPress has better themes for responsive web design, I think I need to explore those options for a photo gallery…

My Current Photo Gallery

My Deprecated Photo Galleries

Still valid, but no longer maintained

  • Menalto Gallery w/Grey Dragon theme
    • Created: April 2011
    • Photo dates: 2009-2011
    • I learned a lot while customizing the Grey Dragon theme, but in the end Menalto Gallery was still very clunky in terms of user interface photo navigation and back-end photo upload and management.
  • Picasa
    • Created: September 2005
    • Photo dates: 2005-2007
    • A Google Product
    • Includes: Ukraine, the Netherlands, Europe, & East Texas photos
  • Panoramio
    • Created: January 2007
    • Photo dates: 2001-2007
    • Another Google product that geotags photos in Google Earth, etc.
    • Includes: Thailand, Chicago, & Rice University photos
  • Photosynth
    • Created: October 2011
    • Photo dates: 2011
    • Uses Photosynth, a Microsoft product to create 3D photos
    • Includes: Rice University (Houston, TX) and the Getty Center (Los Angeles, CA) photos
  • Photosynth
    • Created: August 2008
    • Photo dates: 2007
    • Includes: Rome, Prague, and Marfa, TX photos