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Testing BlogDesk. Ignore this entry.

Mary had a little Tiggy lamb.

micron pens 13 SQUARE 2

Random 360×360 pixel image from my computer.

“Paper tear” border – will prob be overridden by WP CSS.

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Boston 146

Thumbnail >> large version.

Note to self: Yes, this IS a fountain, Jane! Don’t stand here at 11:00 am like you did last time! (FYI, this fountain’s clock was set precisely and accurately!)

Else you get wet! Local children anticipate – and are dressed appropriately for – the turning on of the fountains:

Boston 200

Auto-sized for blog. No enlarged version. 450 pixels wide.

Boston 252

500 pixels wide: Will WP crop sides?

Boston 267

Link to more interesting signs.

NOTE: Can I directly edit HTML code via BlogDesk???

Ah. Yes!